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Hire Sennheiser Wireless EM100 G4 Half Rack Receiver, hire Microphones, near Newstead
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Sennheiser Wireless EM100 G4 Half Rack Receiver

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Enhance your audio experience with the Sennheiser Wireless EM100 G4 Half Rack Receiver, a top-tier component of the Evolution Wireless G4 100 Series Systems. This receiver is designed to offer outstanding sound quality and reliability, making it a perfect choice for professionals in live sound, theatre, and broadcasting. Boasting a robust, fully metal housing, the EM100 G4 ensures durability and reliability in various environments. The unit is equipped with a true diversity half-rack receiver system that guarantees optimum reception under all circumstances. A user-friendly LCD display provides clear navigation and full control over settings, ensuring ease of use even in demanding live situations. Key to its versatility is the easy and flexible wireless synchronization between the transmitter and receiver via infrared, streamlining the setup process. This model also features a fast frequency allocation for up to 12 receivers with a new linking functionality, making it ideal for larger setups requiring multiple channels. With an impressive bandwidth of up to 42 MHz and 1680 selectable frequencies, all tunable in a stable UHF range, the EM100 G4 offers extensive adaptability and is capable of operating up to 20 compatible channels simultaneously. The considerable transmission range of up to 100 meters or 300 feet allows for significant mobility, and the high RF output power of up to 30 mW, adjustable according to local regulations, ensures strong, clear signal transmission. Whether you are coordinating a conference, setting up a live concert, or managing a broadcast event, the Sennheiser EM100 G4 provides high-fidelity sound transmission and robust wireless capabilities to meet professional demands.




March 2023

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