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Hire Sennheiser Wireless EW100 Camera Kit with Handheld Transmitter, hire Microphones, near Newstead
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Sennheiser Wireless EW100 Camera Kit with Handheld Transmitter

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Enhance your next live performance or presentation with the Sennheiser Wireless EW100 Camera Kit, featuring a robust handheld transmitter. This top-tier wireless system is meticulously engineered for optimum clarity and reliability, making it a prime selection for events ranging from bustling conferences to intimate outdoor gatherings. This comprehensive kit includes: - 1 x Sennheiser SKM 100 G4 Handheld Transmitter, equipped with either an e835 or e935 capsule, delivering remarkable sound quality. Batteries come included for immediate use. - 1 x Sennheiser EK100 G4 Bodypack Receiver, also with batteries included, ensuring you're event-ready in moments. The transmitter and receiver highlight an intuitive design with an LCD display, facilitating effortless operation and monitoring. The system operates over a bandwidth of up to 42 MHz, with 1680 selectable frequencies accessible within a stable UHF range, ensuring exceptional audio delivery without interference. Experience seamless wireless synchronisation between the transmitter and receiver via infrared, coupled with fast frequency allocation for multiple receivers, enhancing the flexibility and scalability of your audio setups. The system’s true diversity half-rack receiver encased in a rugged full-metal housing underpins its reliability and durability. Furthermore, with a transmission range extending up to 100 meters/300 feet and a high RF output power adjustable to local regulations, this system promises comprehensive coverage and robust signal strength. Whether it’s a dynamic musical performance, a corporate presentation, or an outdoor ceremony, this kit provides a professional-grade, cordless solution to meet all your event needs efficiently. The choice of microphone capsules in the handheld transmitter allows for adaptability to different voice types and speaking styles, thereby ensuring your message is always clear and impactful.




March 2023

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