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White Square Plinth Hire – Small

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Blacktown, NSW, Australia

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Enhance the visual appeal of any event with our chic Small White Square Plinth. This charming piece is an ideal choice for presenting a range of items from floral displays and sculptures to award trophies and culinary delights, securing its place as a vital element at weddings, exhibitions, and other celebratory occasions. Crafted from robust materials, this plinth maintains a sleek white finish, lending a touch of elegance and simplicity that harmonises with any decor style. The immaculate exterior provides a neutral backdrop that accentuates any featured item, making it stand out as a focal point in your event space. Measuring 50cm in height with a base of 30cm by 30cm, it offers ample space to spotlight key pieces while maintaining a compact footprint, making it suitable for any location, whether a grand hall or a more intimate setting. Our Small White Square Plinth also benefits from being lightweight, thereby facilitating easy arrangement and reconfiguration according to the specific needs of your event. In addition, this plinth serves as an excellent platform for photographers and videographers to capture decorative elements in their best light, adding a professional flair to any occasion. Whether aiming to elevate an art piece at a gallery, showcase a new product at a launch, or simply add sophistication to a party or corporate event, this plinth proves to be a versatile and essential accessory. Consider incorporating our Small White Square Plinth into your event design to achieve a refined and cohesive look, guaranteed to impress guests and enhance the overall ambiance of your function.


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