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Outdoor gas heater

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Condell Park, NSW, Australia
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Fits on a Motorbike

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Keep your outdoor gatherings warm and welcoming with the sleek design of our Outdoor Gas Heater. This modern and efficient heater is perfect for any outdoor event, be it a family gathering, a corporate event, or an outdoor party at any time of the year. Its compact and portable build ensures it can be easily transported in various vehicles - from motorbikes and cars to 4WDs and trucks, making it incredibly versatile for your event needs. Our gas heater is designed with simplicity in mind, facilitating easy setup so you can get your event going without any hassle. The body of the heater features a sturdy, minimalistic design that not only looks good but also ensures durability and stability in outdoor settings. The top section includes a protective mesh that safely encloses the heating element while allowing for optimal heat distribution. This heater is specifically tailored to be straightforward in its usage. The control knob allows for quick adjustment of the heat output, ensuring your guests stay comfortable throughout the event. For gatherings that go into the cooler evening hours, this gas heater becomes an essential part of your event equipment, providing a reliable source of heat with minimal fuss. The product also allows for an add-on purchase of a 9kg gas bottle for an additional £40, ensuring that you have everything needed to keep the chill at bay. Ideal for a variety of outdoor spaces, its adaptable design guarantees that no matter the location, your event space will remain inviting and warm. Whether set up on a grassy lawn, a paved courtyard, or a spacious outdoor venue, this gas heater is an excellent choice for enhancing the comfort and ambiance of any gathering.




March 2023

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