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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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Enhance your event's atmosphere with our premium Par Can Light hire, the ideal choice for anyone seeking to create stunning visual effects using ambient lighting. These high-quality, LED-powered lights are exceptionally adaptable, capable of producing an array of vibrant colours and effects to match the theme and mood of any occasion. Our Par Can Lights are particularly effective for casting a colourful wash over various surfaces and objects. Whether you're looking to illuminate walls, entranceways, drapery, trees, stages, bridal tables, or architectural features like columns and pillars, these lights offer the versatility to do it all. With an array of popular colours including red, blue, green, white, pink, yellow, and purple, you can tailor the ambiance to your exact preferences. A user-friendly control panel on each unit allows for easy adjustment of colours and effects, enabling you to craft the perfect setting. The lights are designed to project upwards to a height of about 3 metres and create a broad wash up to 1-2 metres wide. For larger venues or extended areas, we recommend hiring multiple Par Can Lights to ensure comprehensive coverage and maximise visual impact. These lights can be set to maintain a static colour or programmed to transition smoothly or swiftly between hues, adding dynamic flair to your event. Versatile, efficient, and cost-effective, our Par Can Light hire is an excellent lighting solution that promises to transform your event into a memorable spectacle. Elevate your next function with these spectacular lights and watch as they enrich the ambiance and delight your guests.




March 2023

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