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Mudcrab Music and Events

Caloundra West, QLD, Australia

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Illuminate your event with our versatile 4 Par Can lighting set, an essential part of any occasion requiring professional-grade lighting. This robust setup comes with four high-intensity LED par cans mounted on a single, sturdy tripod stand, making it an ideal solution for concerts, weddings, theatre productions, or corporate events. Each LED par can is equipped with a spectrum of colours, allowing you to create a variety of moods and atmospheres with ease. The LED technology in these par cans not only provides brilliant, vivid lighting but also ensures energy efficiency and long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements. They are designed with user simplicity in mind, featuring easy-to-use controls that allow for both automatic and manual colour mixing. This grants the user complete creative control to tailor the lighting themes as per the event needs. The setup includes a DMX controller functionality, offering further versatility through professional programming options. This allows for intricate light shows that can be synchronised with music, enhancing the overall impact and allure of your lighting display. Whether you require a static wash of colour or a dynamic, rhythmic light show, these par cans are equipped to deliver exceptional results. Each hire includes four LED par cans neatly assembled on one tripod, ensuring quick setup and tear down. This compact arrangement not only saves space but also significantly simplifies transportation and handling. Ideal for enhancing the visual appeal of any event, our 4 Par Can set serves as a prime choice for those seeking professional lighting solutions that combine efficiency, variety, and control.


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