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Hire MEGA LED STROBE, hire Party Lights, near Carlton
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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Includes: 1 x Chauvet Mega LED Strobe FX12 1 x Power Cable 1 x Lighting Stand Create an electrifying atmosphere at your next event with the Chauvet Mega LED Strobe FX12. Designed for maximum impact, this high-intensity strobe light features an array of brilliant LEDs capable of delivering powerful and pulsating effects that transform any venue into a dynamic setting. The compact and robust design of the Mega LED Strobe ensures it is both easy to install and resilient. Equipped with a built-in digital display, users can effortlessly navigate through the different settings and adjust the strobe rate from slow pulses to rapid flashes, tailoring the light to suit the mood and style of the event. What sets this strobe light apart is its sound activation capability. It’s engineered to respond to the beats of the music, automatically syncing the flash patterns with the sound, which adds a lively and synchronised visual element to the auditory experience without needing manual adjustments. The inclusion of a lighting stand in the package provides flexibility in setup, allowing the strobe to be positioned at varying heights to optimise coverage and effect. Additionally, the light comes with a power cable for easy connection to any standard outlet. This LED strobe is an ideal choice for DJs, nightclubs, concert venues, and private parties looking to add a professional strobe effect and elevate the entertainment experience. Its energy efficiency and powerful output ensure that it meets the demands of modern lighting requirements while keeping operational costs low. Choose the Chauvet Mega LED Strobe FX12 for a reliable, thrilling, and unforgettable lighting experience.




March 2023

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