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Hire Pumphouse Club Pack, hire Party Lights, near Guildford
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Pumphouse Club Pack



Guildford, NSW, Australia

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It's clear that you're offering a comprehensive package for extreme events that require top-notch sound and lighting equipment. Here's a summarized overview of what's included in the package: - **Target Audience:** The package is designed for extreme events that demand high-quality sound and lighting. - **Included Equipment:** - **2 Gemini 700 CD Players:** These are likely professional CD players used for DJing and playing music. They provide reliable playback and control options for music tracks. - **1 Reloop 4-Channel Mixer:** The mixer is a key component for blending and controlling audio from various sources, ensuring smooth transitions and adjustments. - **2 Intelligent LED Lights:** Intelligent LED lights can create complex lighting effects and patterns, often programmable to synchronize with music and atmosphere. - **2 Disco Lights:** Disco lights can add vibrant and colorful effects to the event space, contributing to the energetic atmosphere. - **1 4 Gun Laser Lighting System:** The laser lighting system with four lasers is likely to produce impressive laser effects, enhancing the visual impact of the event. - **1 AVE 15 Inch Subwoofer:** The subwoofer provides powerful and deep bass, adding a significant sonic dimension to the sound setup. - **1 Microphone and All Cables Included:** A microphone is included for announcements and MCing, and all necessary cables are provided for connecting and setting up the equipment. This package appears to be geared toward events that require a high level of audio and visual production, such as large parties, concerts, or other extreme gatherings. The combination of sound equipment, lighting effects, and lasers suggests an immersive and dynamic experience for attendees. If you have more specific questions about the setup, operation, or availability of this package, feel free to ask!