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Hire All-in-One Disco DJ lights ( PAR - DERBY - STROBE - LAZER ) with Stand, hire Party Lights, near Ingleburn
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All-in-One Disco DJ lights ( PAR - DERBY - STROBE - LAZER ) with Stand

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Eve Party Hire

Ingleburn, NSW, Australia

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Transform your venue into a vibrant dance floor with our All-in-One Disco DJ Lights. This comprehensive lighting system includes a variety of components designed to enhance any party or event atmosphere. The package comprises 2 PAR lights, 2 DERBY lights, 4 STROBE lights, and 1 LASER light, all mounted on a durable stand that can be easily adjusted to suit different setups. The lights are equipped with both Auto Mode and Sound Mode, allowing them to operate autonomously or sync with the music for a dynamic audio-visual experience. The settings are diverse and user-friendly, making it straightforward to create the perfect ambiance for any event type, from birthday parties to corporate celebrations. Each type of light adds a unique effect: The PAR lights generate a wide wash of vibrant colours, excellent for setting the mood. The DERBY lights create dynamic, moving beams that dance across the space, while the STROBE lights add high-energy flashes, perfect for high-octane moments. The LASER light projects sharp, focused beam patterns, adding an edgy, modern element to your lighting setup. This system is ideal for both novice users and professional DJs, with its easy installation and versatile control options. It's a fantastic choice for those looking to provide a professional-level light show without the complexities of traditional lighting rigs. Enhance your next event with our All-in-One Disco DJ Lights and ensure your guests dance the night away under a spectacular display of lights and colours. Please note that additional charges may apply for other services. For more details, feel free to inquire.


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