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Follow Spot Light 1200W



Kingsford, NSW, Australia
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It sounds like you're introducing the Chauvet IF2000 Follow Spot light with stand, a lighting fixture that can contribute to an exciting event atmosphere. Here's a summary of the features and details you've provided: - **Chauvet IF2000 Follow Spot Light with Stand:** This is a follow spot lighting fixture, often used in events and performances to highlight specific subjects or areas on a stage. The inclusion of a stand suggests that the fixture is easy to position and adjust as needed. - **Color Range and Activations:** The Chauvet IF2000 Follow Spot offers a variety of color options and activation modes, likely allowing you to switch between different colors and lighting effects. This versatility can help create different moods and visual effects throughout your event. - **Color Options:** The fixture provides a range of color options, including white, red, blue, purple, pink, and orange. This selection of colors allows you to customize the lighting to match the theme or mood of your event. - **Long Reach:** The fixture is capable of reaching up to 100 meters. This means it can effectively illuminate subjects or areas that are situated quite a distance away, making it suitable for large venues and outdoor events. The Chauvet IF2000 Follow Spot light with stand appears to be a powerful lighting tool that can significantly enhance the visual impact of your event. Its color options, activation modes, and long reach make it a versatile choice for various types of events, from performances to presentations. If you have any more questions or would like further information about this lighting fixture, feel free to ask!