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Hire Compact Blue Laser (500mW) - CR, hire Party Lights, near Marrickville
Hire Compact Blue Laser (500mW) - CR, hire Party Lights, near Marrickville image 1
Hire Compact Blue Laser (500mW) - CR, hire Party Lights, near Marrickville image 2
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Compact Blue Laser (500mW) - CR

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Marrickville, NSW, Australia
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Introducing the Compact Blue Laser (500mW) from the CR series, an electrifying addition to any event or entertainment setup. This stunning blue laser is equipped with a powerful 500mW diode that emits deep, vibrant blue beams, capable of captivating any audience. Its intense luminescence ensures outstanding visibility even over considerable distances, making it perfect for concerts, festivals, and large venue events. Engineered for both durability and performance, the Compact Blue Laser is not only robust but also exceptionally user-friendly. It features advanced modulation capabilities including TTL modulation signal with a frequency range of 0-1KHz, allowing for precise control over the intensity and effects of the laser beams. This model also incorporates a high-speed step motor and grating scan system that delivers smooth and dynamic movement of the laser beams, enhancing effects with precision and flair. The device comes with a variety of control options to suit any setup's requirements. It is fully compatible with DMX512 protocols, offering seamless integration into existing lighting systems. Additionally, it includes sound activation mode with level control for automated synchronization with music, and an IR remote control for ease of use from a distance. Safety features are a priority in this model, featuring an Interlock emergency switching port to ensure safe operation at all times. Compact in design yet mighty in impact, the Compact Blue Laser measures 140x160x80mm and weighs only 1.8kg, making it both portable and easy to install in a myriad of settings. Designed to operate within a temperature range of 10-40°C, it is suitable for indoor venues, tailor-made to electrify your events with its spectacular light show.


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