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Hire Chauvet Core 3x3 LED RGB Wash Light, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
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Chauvet Core 3x3 LED RGB Wash Light

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Enhance your event's visual appeal with the Chauvet Core 3x3 LED RGB Wash Light, a highly versatile and powerful fixture ideal for various lighting design applications. Whether creating dynamic backgrounds, vibrant washes, or stunning pixel-mapping effects, this compact LED panel excels in delivering high-intensity performances. Featuring nine RGB LEDs equipped with Chip-On-Board (COB) technology, it provides superior color mixing and emits sizable, well-defined pixels of light. This opens up a spectrum of creative possibilities, from soothing washes to energetic animated effects. Featuring built-in automatic and sound-activated programs, the Chauvet Core 3x3 can quickly transform your stage setup into a lively, colour-rich display without extensive manual programming. This is particularly convenient for timed events or dynamic music shows where lighting needs to synchronise seamlessly with sound. The individual control of each LED allows for intricate animations and video effects, perfect for engaging audience attention and creating memorable visual experiences. Durability is key in any stage equipment, and the Chauvet Core 3x3 doesn't disappoint. Its robust housing ensures that it withstands the rigours of travel and frequent use, providing reliability throughout its operational lifespan. Additionally, the fixture includes built-in coffin locks that make connecting multiple units both quick and secure, ideal for constructing expansive light arrays. For added convenience, the unit supports power linking, minimizing the need for extensive wiring and enabling a clean setup. High-frequency LED dimming offers flicker-free operation, making this fixture suitable for televised events or video recordings. With silent fan controls, it operates quietly, ensuring that there are no disruptions during performances or presentations. Ideal for event planners, DJs, and stage technicians, the Chauvet Core 3x3 LED RGB Wash Light is a reliable and versatile choice that promises to elevate any event atmosphere.




March 2023

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