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Hire Chauvet DJ Colorband T3 USB 1m LED Bar, hire Party Lights, near Newstead
Hire Chauvet DJ Colorband T3 USB 1m LED Bar, hire Party Lights, near Newstead image 1
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Chauvet DJ Colorband T3 USB 1m LED Bar

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Step up the ambiance of any event with the Chauvet DJ Colorband T3 USB, a full-size 1m LED bar light that is perfect for creating a range of atmospheric effects. Whether you need a dynamic chase effect, a bold blinder, or a subtle wall washer, this versatile unit meets all your needs. The Colorband T3 USB offers three zones of control, allowing for spectacular chasing effects that bring any venue to life. With this advanced feature, you can tailor the lighting to complement the mood and energy of every event, from serene gatherings to high-energy parties. Ease of use is paramount with this LED bar. It comes equipped with multiple pre-programmed settings that can operate with or without DMX control, making it accessible for both novices and professional light technicians. Sound-activated programs are also included, which sync the lights to the music, ensuring a lively, immersive experience. Wireless connectivity is facilitated through D-Fi USB compatibility, enabling wireless master/slave or DMX control. This removes the hassle of tangled wires and aids in creating a neat, professional setup. The multiple DMX personalities available with the Colorband T3 USB provide a wide array of programming styles, giving you complete creative control over your lighting scenes. Furthermore, the high-power, tri-color LEDs used in this strip light nearly eliminate multicolor shadows, which enhances the quality of the wash light. Designed to perform silently, it is ideal for scenarios where minimal noise is crucial, such as during theatrical performances or intimate gatherings. Overall, the Chauvet DJ Colorband T3 USB is an exceptional choice for those looking to enhance their event lighting with reliability, variety, and top-tier performance.




March 2023

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