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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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Take your event lighting to the next level with our high-performance 16 CHANNEL LIGHTING CONTROLLER. This robust and intuitive controller is designed to manage and synchronise a wide array of lighting effects, making it an essential tool for mobile discos, live shows, and stage performances. Whether you're lighting up a small venue or a large festive gathering, this controller provides the versatility you need. Featuring 16 independent channels, the controller allows for precise control over each connected lighting fixture. Each channel has its dedicated plug and switch, offering you the ease of turning individual lights on and off without affecting the overall setup. The unit boasts a user-friendly interface that ensures even those new to lighting control can operate it with ease. This controller is much more than a simple switchboard. It includes built-in chase sequences that can add dynamic effects to your lighting setup. These programs can be easily activated and customised to vary the speed and intensity, providing a spectacular light show that enhances the ambiance of any event. The robust construction of the controller guarantees reliability and durability. Its compact design makes it convenient to transport and set up, saving you time and effort. This controller operates on standard UK power outlets and is built to handle the rigorous demands of stage and event environments. Perfect for DJs, event organisers, and venue managers looking to add a professional touch to their lighting setups, this lighting controller is a game-changer. Enhance your events with the power and flexibility of our 16 CHANNEL LIGHTING CONTROLLER and create unforgettable lighting experiences that leave a lasting impression on your guests.


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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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