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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your event's ambience with our exquisite LONG PAR56 CAN light, a quintessential fixture designed for a variety of lighting scenarios. This durable and adaptable lighting unit, crafted from high-quality aluminium, offers both strength and elegance, making it suitable for any event ranging from corporate functions to music concerts. The LONG PAR56 CAN comes with an elongated body that facilitates optimal illumination and beam spreading, making it perfect for creating atmospheric lighting or for highlighting specific areas or objects. Its polished chrome finish adds sophistication to its appearance, ensuring it fits seamlessly into any event design. Whether it’s set in an intimate indoor setting or a sprawling outdoor venue, this light provides excellent coverage and intensity, thanks to its powerful PAR56 lamp. The unit includes a gel frame that allows for easy colour changes and is suitable for both front and backlighting applications, thereby adding a dynamic visual component to performances or settings. The traditional PAR can design has been a staple in stage and theatrical settings, known for its reliability and versatility. Its long body not only enhances light throw but also makes it easier to handle and position. The secure mounting bracket ensures it can be safely and conveniently rigged onto trusses or poles as required. Ideal for an array of applications, the LONG PAR56 CAN is indispensable for creating mood lighting, accentuating performers, or simply adding a dash of drama to your event. With its robust construction and classic aesthetic, this lighting fixture remains a favoured choice among event organisers looking for reliability without compromising on style.


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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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