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Hire JUKEBOX & SLUSHIE - NEWCASTLE, hire Party Packages, near Bennetts Green
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Bennetts Green, NSW, Australia

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You've provided information about two different items or services that are often used for events and parties. Here's a breakdown of each item and the associated features: **Jukebox:** - A jukebox is a music-playing device that allows people to select and play songs from a collection of tracks. - **Powerful Sound System (up to 800 watts):** The jukebox comes with a high-output sound system capable of delivering up to 800 watts of audio power, ensuring a clear and dynamic sound experience. - **1 x Corded Microphone:** A corded microphone is included, likely for announcements, speeches, or performances during the event. - **1 x Disco Effect Light (FREE!):** A disco effect light is provided at no additional cost. This light adds a visual element to the event, enhancing the atmosphere. - **Aux Input Available (let us know when booking):** The jukebox has an auxiliary input, allowing you to connect external audio devices such as phones or laptops. This is useful if you want to play specific songs or playlists. - **All Required Cables:** The package includes all the necessary cables for setting up and connecting the jukebox and its components. **Slushie Machine:** - A slushie machine is used to make and dispense frozen drinks, often referred to as slushies or frozen cocktails. - **1 x Twin Bowl Slushie Machine:** The slushie machine has two separate bowls, allowing you to offer two different flavors of slushies simultaneously. - **2 Base Mixes:** Two base mixes are provided for making slushie drinks. These are likely the starting ingredients that can be mixed with flavoring and other ingredients to create the frozen beverages. - **Cups:** Cups are provided for serving the slushie drinks to event attendees. Both the jukebox and slushie machine offer entertainment and refreshment options for various types of events, from weddings and birthdays to parties and special occasions. The provided features and components contribute to enhancing the overall experience for attendees.