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Hire TRIPOD84 Elite Tripod 84 diag. (50x67) - Max White 1.1 Gain, hire Projectors, near Beresfield
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TRIPOD84 Elite Tripod 84 diag. (50x67) - Max White 1.1 Gain

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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Elite Screens Tripod Series Portable Projector Screen is the ideal projector screen for a business professional on the go. The convenient design provides easy transport and setup, and its rugged construction allows for both indoor and outdoor usage. The base is incredibly sturdy and the screen height is adjustable at numerous intervals. The screen sizes are huge to cater to a large viewing audience, and with a weight of under 40 lbs., this convenient screen can go anywhere with you. Keystone Eliminator: A keystone effect is a major issue with some portable projector screens. When a projector reflects its image at a downward angle, it can cause the picture to create a trapezoid-shaped image, which is incredibly distracting to the viewing audience. Elite Screens Tripod Series projector portable screens slope the screen forward slightly to completely eliminate this keystone effect. You don't have to worry- your picture will look great every time! Screen Sizes and Aspect Ratios: Elite Screens Tripod Series projector screens come in a variety of diagonal sizes in three different aspect ratios. 1:1 aspect ratio: 50", 71", 85", 99", 113", 119" and 136" 4:3 aspect ratio: 84", 100" and 120" 16:9 aspect ratio: 60", 72", 92", 100" and 120" Casing and Set-up: The Elite Screens Tripod Series Portable Projector Screens are stored in a heavy-duty casing (available in either white or black) to protect the screen while not in use. The tripod and vertical extension bar are stored in the base. To set up, you simply pull open the tripod legs, pull up the screen to connect to the top of the vertical extension bar and then adjust the vertical extension bar to your desired height. The extension bar has a twisting sleeve ring that easily adjusts and locks back into place. It's just as easy to break down too!


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