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Hire Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen 2020 Projector, hire Projectors, near Marrickville
Hire Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen 2020 Projector, hire Projectors, near Marrickville image 1
Hire Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen 2020 Projector, hire Projectors, near Marrickville image 2
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Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen 2020 Projector

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Marrickville, NSW, Australia
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4000 Lumens

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The Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen Projector you've described offers a powerful and versatile solution for presentations and events. Here's an overview of its features, highlights, and considerations for its usage: **Included Items:** - 1 x HDMI cable - 1 x Mini DP to HDMI adapter - 1 x Power cable - 1 x Remote control **Highlights:** - **Native Resolution**: The projector boasts a native resolution of WUXGA 1920 x 1080, providing Full HD visuals in a widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio. - **Brightness**: With a brightness of 4000 ANSI Lumens, the projector delivers clear and vibrant visuals, making it suitable for well-lit environments. - **Contrast Ratio**: The high maximum contrast ratio of 50,000:1 contributes to the clarity and richness of the displayed images. - **Weight**: The projector's weight of 3.49kg makes it relatively portable and easy to set up. - **Fan Noise**: The projector's eco mode keeps fan noise to a low 26db, ensuring a quieter operation during presentations. **Key Features:** - **HDMI Connections**: Two HDMI connections provide versatility in connecting multiple devices. - **HDR Compatibility**: High Dynamic Range (HDR) compatibility enhances image quality by offering a broader range of colors and luminosity. - **Wireless Projection (iPad, iPhone)**: The optional wireless projection feature allows projection from compatible Apple devices like iPads and iPhones. - **Powerful Speaker**: The built-in 10W speaker provides sufficient audio for small to medium-sized audiences, eliminating the need for external speakers in some cases. **Throw Distance:** - For a 120" screen, the throw distance is 1.3 meters. - For a 150" screen, the throw distance is 1.6 meters. **Considerations and Tips:** - **Content Preparation**: Prepare your presentation content in line with the projector's native resolution for the best visual quality. - **Projection Setup**: Utilize the short-throw feature to achieve larger image sizes at shorter distances. Ensure proper alignment and focus. - **Connectivity**: Make use of the provided HDMI cable and adapter for easy connectivity. Verify the compatibility of your devices with the projector's inputs. - **Lighting Conditions**: With its high brightness, the projector can handle different lighting conditions. However, dimming lights can enhance the viewing experience. - **Audio Quality**: While the built-in speaker is useful, consider external audio solutions for larger audiences or events with higher audio requirements. - **Testing**: Conduct thorough testing of all components before the event to ensure smooth operation. - **Wireless Projection**: If utilizing wireless projection, ensure that compatible devices are ready and that the wireless connection is stable. - **Engagement**: Leverage the HDR compatibility and quality visuals to create engaging and impactful presentations. - **Audience Comfort**: Ensure that seating arrangements allow all attendees to have a clear view of the projected content. - **Technical Support**: Have technical support available in case of any technical issues during the event. By leveraging the features of the Optoma Short-Throw Full HD 4,000 Lumen Projector, you can deliver engaging presentations and visuals that captivate your audience, whether it's a business presentation, educational lecture, or entertainment event.




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