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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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Optimise your presentation setup with our versatile Projector Tripod Stand, designed to support a variety of devices such as projectors, laptops, and other audio-visual equipment. This adjustable stand is meticulously crafted to enhance stability and flexibility in various event environments, from conferences to educational settings. The tripod is constructed with a durable, lightweight steel frame, ensuring it is both portable and robust against the rigours of frequent use. It features a flat, rectangular platform that provides a stable base for your devices, measuring at an ample size to accommodate most standard equipment securely. Adjustability is a key feature of this tripod stand. It boasts a telescoping centre column that allows you to modify the height from 920mm to 1200mm with ease, ensuring optimal positioning of your projector or device relative to the audience or screen. Each leg is also equipped with secure locking mechanisms, which prevent any unwanted sliding or collapsing, thus guaranteeing the safety of your equipment and audience. The tripod base is designed to maximise floor contact, enhancing stability on various surfaces, while its non-slip feet prevent movement and protect floor surfaces from scratches or marks. The sleek black finish not only adds to its professional appearance but also makes it suitable for use in various settings, complementing other equipment and decor seamlessly. This tripod stand is an ideal solution for anyone seeking a reliable and flexible setup for their audio-visual and presentation needs. Its user-friendly design and robust construction make it a valuable addition to any event where information delivery and display efficiency are paramount.


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Smithfield, NSW, Australia

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