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Enhance any event with the delightful experience of creating your own Slurpee-style frozen drinks using our versatile Slurpee Machine. Perfect for parties, corporate events, or casual gatherings, this machine allows guests to indulge in the refreshing taste of iced beverages, appealing to all ages. Included in the Package: - **1 x Slurpee Machine:** This sleek, dual-canister Slurpee machine serves as the centrepiece, enabling you to whip up two flavours simultaneously. - **2 x Flavours Included:** Select from our wide range of flavours to tailor the experience to your event's theme or personal taste. - **100 x Clear Plastic Cups:** High-quality, transparent cups that showcase the vibrant colours of the Slurpee drinks. - **100 x Spoon Straws:** These innovative straws double as spoons, perfect for enjoying every last sip and scoop of Slurpee. **Slurpee Flavours:** Our selection includes both traditional favourites and exotic flavours, ensuring you can cater to a diverse palette: - Classic choices like Strawberry and Cola - Exotic tastes like Mango and Dragonfruit - Refreshing twists like Pineapple and Blue Lemonade Easy to set up and user-friendly, this machine is designed to be a hassle-free addition to your venue, requiring minimal effort to start the fun. Each flavour can be served solely or mixed, letting your guests become their own beverage artisans. The invitation to craft personalised drink combinations not only enriches your guests' experience but also adds a playful element to social interactions. Whether it's a birthday bash or a business meeting, the inclusion of a Slurpee Machine is sure to keep spirits high and guests cool. Remember, this automated pleasure is not just about serving drinks; it's about creating memorable moments. So, let your guests dive into a world of frosty delights with our outstanding Slurpee Machine – the perfect accompaniment to any event seeking a touch of chilled excitement.




March 2023

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