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Hire Twin Bowl Cocktail Machine, hire Slushie Machines, near Guildford
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Twin Bowl Cocktail Machine

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Guildford, NSW, Australia

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You're providing details about a twin bowl cocktail machine package, which offers an expanded capacity and more options for serving cocktails at events. Here's a breakdown of what's included in this package: **Twin Bowl Cocktail Machine:** - This machine has two bowls, allowing you to serve two different flavors of cocktails simultaneously. **Capacity:** - The machine is capable of making approximately 120 drinks in total. - Each drink is estimated to be 200ml in volume. **Flavor Choice:** - You can choose two different cocktail flavors for the event. - The available flavors could range from classic cocktails to unique options, depending on the provider. **Cups and Straws:** - The package includes 100 regular cups and straws for serving the cocktails. **Set Up:** - The package includes the set up of the twin bowl cocktail machine. - As with the previous package, you'll need to provide a sturdy table and access to a power source for the setup. **Delivery:** - There's a small delivery fee associated with bringing the cocktail machine to your event location. - For the exact cost of the delivery fee, you should contact the provider for a quote. **Usage:** This package is ideal for larger events and occasions where you want to provide a greater variety of cocktails to your guests. **Customization:** - With the twin bowl setup, you have the flexibility to offer two different cocktail flavors, catering to a wider range of preferences. - Consider coordinating the chosen cocktail flavors with the theme of your event, if applicable. As you move forward with booking, be sure to communicate directly with the provider. Discuss the available cocktail flavors, confirm any specific requirements you might have, understand the machine's operation, and obtain a clear quote for the delivery fee. Overall, the twin bowl cocktail machine package offers a convenient way to provide a diverse selection of cocktails to your guests, making your event more enjoyable and memorable.


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