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Antari Z3000II Fog Machine

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Beresfield, NSW, Australia

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Introducing the Antari Z3000II, a robust and highly efficient fog machine designed to elevate any event to a theatrical spectacle. Engineered for stability and durability, this fog machine combines impressive performance with refined precision, suitable for a plethora of uses including large venues, outdoor events, film production, and specialist training scenarios. The core of the Z3000II lies in its innovative design which promotes energy efficiency. Thanks to its advanced power control system, the machine consumes approximately 25% less electricity by operating at a lower temperature, thus extending the longevity of the unit and reducing operational costs. Equipped with a powerful 3000W heater, the Z3000II excels in generating an immense output of 40,000 cubic feet per minute, ensuring voluminous fog production that can blanket any space in mere moments. For ease of use and precise control, the machine includes the Z20 LCD control module. This interface permits meticulous adjustment of fog density and emission frequency, with settings finely tunable from 1% to 100% output. This customisation capability makes it perfect for achieving the desired atmosphere, whether for dramatic effect in theatrical productions or realistic simulations in training exercises. Connectivity is seamless via DMX, compatible with both 3 and 5-pin connectors, allowing integration into existing setups for coordinated effects. Safety is prioritised with an electronic low fluid detector, which not only conserves fluid but also safeguards the unit from damage by reducing pump power and halting operation when fluid levels are low. Specifications for this model include a 6 litre tank capacity and a 12-minute initial heat-up time, with a fluid consumption rate of 5 minutes per litre at full output. Its dimensions are 735mm in length, 310mm in width, and 192mm in height, weighing 19.9 Kg. It is designed to use either Antari FLG or FLR liquid, ensuring optimal performance and effect. Whether creating misty scenes or smoky ambiance, the Z3000II is the ultimate choice for professional quality fog generation.




March 2023

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