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Hire Big Sound Party Package, hire Speakers, near Annerley
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Big Sound Party Package

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Skylark Hire

Annerley, QLD, Australia

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Elevate your party to the next level with our incredible Big Sound Party Package, an essential for any gathering where sound and music take centre stage. This powerhouse set-up is designed to handle everything from throbbing bass beats at dance parties to crystal-clear announcements at large-scale events, making it the perfect choice for DJs, event organisers, and anyone looking to boost the auditory allure of their festivities. The core of this package features two JBL PRX 715 Powered Speakers, renowned for their robust output and pristine sound quality. Each speaker is capable of delivering high-fidelity audio that can cover large areas, ensuring that no guest misses a beat. To complement these powerful speakers, we include two sturdy speaker stands for optimal sound distribution at a raised height, enhancing the overall sound projection and space coverage. For those looking to engage with the crowd, perform, or make speeches, the inclusion of an Audio Technica Wireless Microphone provides the freedom to roam and interact without the restrictions of cables. Meanwhile, the choice of either an Allen & Heath Zed 6 Mixer or a Yamaha MG06 Mixer allows for seamless audio control, letting you blend tracks and adjust outputs to tailor the sound to the specific needs of your event. To add a visual element to your sonic setup, our package also includes two Slimline Quad LED Par Cans. These lights offer a range of colours and effects, perfect for setting the mood or highlighting special moments with vibrant, atmospheric lighting. Completing this package are the essential audio and power cables, ensuring you have everything you need to connect, play, and electrify your audience. Whether it’s a wedding, corporate event, or private party, this comprehensive audio setup is sure to bring your event to life.


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