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Bose L1 Pro16

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Elevate your audio experience with the Bose L1 Pro16 portable line array, an exemplary choice tailored for a spectrum of live performances and events. Ideal for venues ranging from intimate gatherings in small-to-medium sized clubs and pubs to lively outdoor festivities, this compact yet powerful system epitomises professional sound engineering. At its core, the L1 Pro16 boasts a 16-driver articulated J-shaped line array design that ensures a sweeping 180-degree horizontal sound coverage, ensuring every corner of your event space is suffused with crisp, clear audio. This feature is pivotal for achieving uniform sound distribution, which is essential during live performances, presentations, and ceremonies. Adding to its acoustic prowess, the L1 Pro16 integrates a subwoofer equipped with a RaceTrack driver. This technology not only enhances the system's ability to reproduce deep, resonant bass tones but also significantly reduces the unit’s footprint. This makes the L1 Pro16 not only portable but also exceptionally efficient in utilising space, a valued trait in crowded venues or events with limited staging areas. Functional versatility is another hallmark of the L1 Pro16. It includes a built-in multi-channel mixer with dedicated channels for instruments and microphones. The mixer provides adjustable EQ, reverb, and phantom power, along with the convenience of Bluetooth streaming. This allows for seamless audio management and the ability to play backing tracks or accompaniments directly from mobile devices. Moreover, the system offers access to an extensive library of ToneMatch presets, optimising sound quality for a variety of instruments and microphones. For ease of control during live performances, the intuitive L1 Mix app allows performers to adjust settings wirelessly via a smartphone, providing flexibility and creative control. The Bose L1 Pro16 is not just an audio system; it's an investment in ensuring your events resonate with professionalism and sonic brilliance. Whether you are a DJ, a solo artist, or part of a small ensemble, the L1 Pro16 stands ready to amplify your talent and captivate your audience.


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