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Experience unparalleled audio performance with the JBL EON ONE MK2, a battery-powered column PA system, designed to elevate your gatherings and events with superior sound quality. This compact, all-in-one audio solution integrates a 5-channel digital mixer, advanced dbx and Lexicon DSP technology, and convenient Bluetooth functionality wrapped up in a unit that you can effortlessly transport in one hand. The EON ONE MK2 is crafted to deliver JBL's renowned audio fidelity, combining an ingenious 8-speaker tweeter column with C-shaped array design and a robust 10-inch woofer. This setup ensures crystal-clear highs and deep lows extending down to 37 Hz, offering an impressive coverage and broad dispersion that can achieve a maximum output of 123 dB. Whether you’re amplifying live performances, speeches, or background music, this system provides pristine, room-filling sound. Tailoring your audio environment is straightforward with the EON ONE MK2, which boasts a comprehensive selection of professional-grade effects and presets from Lexicon and dbx. Its intuitive control interface accommodates both novice and seasoned users, allowing you to easily adjust settings to suit varying event requirements. Moreover, the system's adaptive Variable Power Performance feature automatically adjusts power settings to maintain optimal audio performance, whether you are using battery power or AC power. The unit supports Bluetooth audio streaming, offering the convenience to manage playlists and soundtracks wirelessly. Additionally, its battery life extends up to six hours, ensuring reliable performance during events without the need for continuous power supply. Versatile and user-friendly, the JBL EON ONE MK2 is an ideal choice for musicians, DJs, educators, and venue operators looking for a portable, high-quality sound system that promises consistent and dynamic audio across both indoor and outdoor settings.


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