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Enhance the auditory experience of your next event with our Event Speaker Pack – a comprehensive audio solution designed to cater to various types of gatherings, be it a family event, corporate function, or outdoor festival. This package includes two JBL PRX615 1000w Powered Speakers, renowned for their robust output and clear sound quality. These speakers are ideally paired with a Behringer UB502 Mixer, providing you with seamless control over audio levels and inputs, ensuring your music or presentations sound their best. To connect your audio source, an AUX cable is provided, allowing you to easily plug in any device with a headphone jack, such as a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop. The versatility of this setup means you’re ready for any event, with the ability to play or stream playlists directly from your personal device. Included as well are two speaker stands, essential for proper placement and optimising sound distribution throughout your venue. Additionally, setup instructions are provided to facilitate quick and easy installation of the equipment. Essential cabling for connection and operation is also included, ensuring you have everything needed for a successful audio setup. Should your event require enhanced capabilities, consider our optional extras. Enhance audience engagement with either a Wired or Wireless Microphone, perfect for speeches or live performances. Additionally, if your preference leans towards wireless convenience, opt for Bluetooth Device Compatibility. By selecting this option, a dongle is included to enable a Bluetooth connection, streamlining your audio setup and offering the freedom to control your playlist wirelessly. Make sure your next occasion is heard loud and clear with our Event Speaker Pack, tailored to deliver exceptional audio performance.




March 2023

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