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Hire 2 x QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way PA Speakers, 2 x QSC K12 1000W 12" Speakers and 4 x QSC KW181 1000W 18" Subwoofers (500 People), hire Speakers, near Tempe
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2 x QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way PA Speakers, 2 x QSC K12 1000W 12" Speakers and 4 x QSC KW181 1000W 18" Subwoofers (500 People)

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Elevate your event's audio experience with our premium speaker and subwoofer package, ideally suited for gatherings of up to 500 people. This outstanding set includes two QSC KW153 1000W 15" 3-way PA speakers, renowned for delivering superb clarity and immense volume capacity. Unlike many competing products which only offer a peak power rating, these speakers boast a continuous power capability of 1000W and can surge up to 2000W at peak, ensuring a robust and undistorted sound performance. Complementing the high-frequency output of the KW153s, this package also features four QSC KW181 1000W 18" subwoofers. These subwoofers provide deep, pulsating bass that perfectly encapsulates the feel of a top-tier club sound system, transforming any large space into an audiophile's dream. Additionally, our set includes two compact QSC K12 1000W 12" speakers. These units are perfect for configuring a more dispersed sound setup, aiding in achieving clear and even sound coverage across diverse room layouts or larger venues. With this comprehensive combination, you can create a multi-point sound system that ensures every corner of your event space vibrates with clear and powerful audio. Designed for professional environments and large-scale occasions, this speaker and subwoofer array guarantees a memorable auditory experience for concerts, conferences, weddings, and more. Experience the undeniable quality as attested by numerous glowing reviews praising the effective sound delivery of these top-tier QSC products. Treat your guests to an audio experience they won't soon forget with this superior sound system package.




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