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White Rectangular Tapas Table Hire w/ Black Top

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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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Add a touch of sophistication to your gathering with the White Rectangular Tapas Table, featuring a sleek black top. Ideal for socialising and networking, this table harmoniously blends functionality with style for your private or corporate events. Crafted with precision, this table measures 110 cm in height, 180 cm in length, and 60 cm in width, making it perfectly suited for accommodating groups, either as a standing conversation table or as a staging area for appetisers, drinks, or decorative elements. Its rectangular shape offers ample surface space, while the neutral tones ensure it complements any event's decor. The minimalist design of the White Rectangular Tapas Table ensures it integrates seamlessly into a variety of event themes, from formal business conferences to casual meet-ups and family parties. The sturdy yet lightweight frame makes it easy for repositioning according to your space needs, proving itself as an indispensable asset for event planners who value both aesthetics and practicality. This table can act as the focal point in a reception area, or be arranged in a series to create a cohesive setup for larger gatherings. The black tabletop not only adds a contemporary vibe but also proves practical by camouflaging spills and smudges, maintaining its elegant appearance throughout your event. Designed to elevate the ambiance of any gathering, this versatile piece is sure to enrich the social experience, encouraging guests to mingle and enjoy the occasion. With the White Rectangular Tapas Table, assure your event's setting is as impressive as its agenda.




March 2023

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