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Glow Mini Rounded Yoyo Coffee Table Hire

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Elevate your event's ambiance with the captivating Glow Mini Rounded Yoyo Coffee Table. This uniquely designed coffee table is a splendid choice for anyone looking to infuse a touch of colour and modern flair into their event décor. It serves not only as a practical furniture piece but also as an enchanting light source, making it a standout feature in both indoor and outdoor settings. Ideal for evening gatherings, cocktail parties, or any festive occasion, this glowing table transcends traditional décor. With its soft, rounded contours and a balanced yoyo-like shape, it offers a contemporary and inviting look that harmonises beautifully with various themes and arrangements. Pair it perfectly with other glowing furnishings such as Glow Curved Benches or Glow Cubes to create an engaging, cohesive lounge area. This coffee table is illuminated from within using a battery-operated LED lighting system, ensuring that there are no cumbersome cables to mar the visual appeal of your space. The LED lights can be customised through a remote control, which allows for the adjustment of colour settings and effects to suit the mood of the event or to coordinate with specific colour schemes. The table’s battery is long-lasting, with an operational duration of approximately 6-8 hours, ensuring it remains lit throughout the duration of most events. Each unit is lightweight, making it easy to reposition as needed throughout your venue without the need for cumbersome logistics. This flexibility in design and placement makes the Glow Mini Rounded Yoyo Coffee Table an excellent choice for event planners and organisers looking to craft memorable and dynamic event spaces.


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