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Brookvale, NSW, Australia

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Bring a touch of rustic charm to your event with our enchanting Driftwood Easel. Constructed from genuine sun-bleached driftwood, this easel stands as not only a practical piece but as an artwork in itself, each slat carrying the whispers of ocean breezes and the grace of tides. Perfectly suited for displaying welcome boards, itineraries, menus, or art pieces, it enhances any setting with its unique, natural appeal. The easel measures 1.4 metres in height and 73 cm in width, making it an imposing yet intricate addition to entryways or focal points at events. The sturdy build supports a variety of display items, from delicate mirrors to robust signage, with effortless stability. Its adjustable shelf allows flexibility for different sizes of displays, ensuring they are held securely at an optimal viewing height. The raw texture and neutral tones of the Driftwood Easel ensure it complements a wide range of event themes, from seaside weddings to countryside retreats. Its distinct appearance is particularly ideal for occasions centred around naturalistic, bohemian, or vintage aesthetics, giving a sense of authenticity and warmth to the celebration. Ideal for indoor and open-air settings alike, this easel is not just a utilitarian item but a centrepiece that draws admiration and enhances the overall visual composition of your event. With its story etched into every grain and knot, the Driftwood Easel awaits to be a part of your special day, silently adding elegance and a story of its own to your event's narrative.




March 2023

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