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Hire Table Round 1.2m (Seats 6 - 7 people), hire Tables, near Enoggera
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Table Round 1.2m (Seats 6 - 7 people)

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Alderley Hire

Enoggera, QLD, Australia

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Elevate the ambience of any gathering with our Table Round 1.2m, designed to comfortably seat 6 to 7 people. The circular design not only encourages interaction and engagement among guests but also serves as an elegant focal point for any event space. Here are a few reasons why our round table is an exceptional choice for your next occasion: 1. **Optimal Seating Capacity**: The 1.2-metre diameter of this table is perfectly sized to accommodate 6 to 7 individuals, making it an ideal solution for gatherings ranging from intimate family dinners to collaborative meetings. The round configuration ensures that everyone can converse easily without the need to lean across the table, promoting a more unified group dynamic. 2. **Craftsmanship and Material**: Constructed from robust plywood, this table stands the test of time with its durable build. The high-quality wood not only ensures stability and reliability during use but also adds a rustic charm to your event’s décor. 3. **Aesthetic Versatility**: The simplistic yet classic design of this round table allows it to blend seamlessly with a variety of décor themes and settings. Be it a formal business conference or a casual garden party, this table can be dressed up or down to match the occasion. 4. **Ease of Customisation**: The natural wood finish provides a clean slate for any decorations or centre-pieces you might want to add. Additionally, its smooth surface is ideal for any choice of linen or tablecloth, which can be themed to enhance the event’s aesthetic, contributing to an overall polished and tailored appearance. 5. **Space Efficiency**: The shape of the table maximises available space, making it easier to fit into areas where a square table might not. This makes it not only practical but also space-efficient, which is especially valuable in tighter venue spaces. Whether for a birthday celebration, a wedding reception, or a corporate function, our Table Round 1.2m ensures your event is both stylish and functional, creating an inviting atmosphere for all attendees.


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