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2.4m x 1m VJ Timber Table

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Designed to impress and built to last, the 2.4m x 1m VJ Timber Table is a quintessential choice for any grand event or sophisticated gathering. This expansive table, crafted from high-quality timber, presents a classic appearance with its Vertical Joint (VJ) panelling that exudes a timeless charm. The panel detailing is not only visually striking but adds a tactile texture that enriches the overall aesthetics of the piece. Ideal for accommodating large groups, the table measures 2.4 metres in length and 1 metre in width, offering ample space for a sumptuous banquet or an elaborate display. The size ensures that it can serve as the centrepiece of any celebration, comfortably seating 10-12 guests. Its flat, sturdy surface is perfect for a variety of uses, from formal dinners to casual brunches and everything in between. In its design, the table captivates with its natural wood tones, which can be seamlessly integrated into any event theme, from rustic to contemporary. The raw beauty of the timber is complemented by a refined finish that not only enhances the wood's grain but also provides some protection against the wears of regular use, making it a durable option for frequent event use. This VJ Timber Table does not just meet the practical needs of space and durability but also elevates the aesthetic plea of any setting. Its elegant lines and superior craftsmanship ensure that it stands out as a stylish yet functional piece at any event. Whether set in a lush garden, a formal hall, or a cosy indoor venue, this table promises to add a touch of elegance and warmth, making every occasion a memorable one.


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