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Shenton Park, WA, Australia

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Create a magical and practical setting for your little guests with our CHILDRENS TABLE HIRE 1.8M. Perfectly scaled to suit children, this table provides a comfortable and accessible space for up to 10-12 young attendees, making it an excellent choice for birthday parties, kids' crafts sessions, or any family-friendly event. Measuring 1.8 metres in length and 0.75 metres in width, the table offers ample space for various children's activities, from dining to drawing. Its height of just 0.45 metres is thoughtfully designed to accommodate children's easy reach, ensuring they can engage in activities with ease and comfort. Crafted from robust materials, the table is built to withstand the exuberant energy of children. It features a sleek, smooth surface that is not only attractive but also easy to wipe clean - a must for any kid-centric event where spills and messes are part of the fun. The legs are sturdy and provide a stable base, reducing the risk of tipping and enhancing safety at your event. The natural wood finish of the table adds a touch of warmth and simplicity, blending seamlessly with any event decor or theme. It is versatile enough to match a rustic outdoor garden party, as well as a refined indoor celebration. Choosing this children's table means you're prioritising the comfort and enjoyment of your young guests, while also maintaining a high standard of safety and cleanliness. It's an ideal addition to ensure that even the smallest attendees have a memorable and engaging experience at your event.


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