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Perth Party Hire

Shenton Park, WA, Australia

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Elevate your event's presentation and functionality with our sleek and sturdy TABLE RAISERS. Designed to seamlessly increase the height of trestle tables, these risers are perfect for adapting your tables to a variety of uses, from bar setups to display stands. Each set of raisers is crafted from high-quality metals, ensuring durability and stability under any conditions. TABLE RAISERS are an essential accessory for any gathering where comfort and convenience are paramount. By adding an additional 100 mm in height, they transform standard tables into high counters ideal for standing gatherings or temporary bar areas. This modest elevation greatly enhances the ergonomics for activities that typically require standing, such as serving drinks, registering guests, or showcasing products. Their practical and unobtrusive design means they blend effortlessly with any table, preserving the aesthetics while improving the functionality. The installation is straightforward, without the need for tools, making it easy to adjust the setup as your event evolves. Whether you are hosting a wedding reception, a corporate event, or a local fair, these raisers provide the versatility to meet your needs. The robust structure of the TABLE RAISERS not only offers reliable support but also handles the wear and tear of frequent use, making them an excellent investment for event organisers and venues. Enhance your guests' experience by optimising the height of your event furniture with our professionally designed TABLE RAISERS, a simple yet powerful upgrade to any occasion. Add this indispensable accessory to your event equipment and notice the instant upgrade in the functionality and style of your setups. Perfect for both indoor and outdoor settings, they are an ideal choice for modernising and tailoring your event environments to desired specifications.


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Perth Party Hire

Shenton Park, WA, Australia

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