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In the realm of event planning, seamless experiences online and offline are crucial, and renting tables with Gecko empowers you to create a fluid experience for your guests. Our commitment to delivering excellence extends to every aspect, including the logistics of table rentals. From streamlined booking processes to reliable delivery and setup services, we handle the details with meticulous care, allowing you to focus on what truly matters: crafting an event that leaves a lasting impression. Renting tables with Gecko means embracing a seamless experience that enhances your event's flow.

  • Table near you: There are so many different types of tables around your area, so it is easy to arrange pick-up or delivery of the table with the rental business suited to the time and location you need it.

  • Different sizes, different colours: There are a variety of different types of tables suited for different events and purposes. You can find any type of table you are looking for including coffee tables, round tables, square tables and uniquely shaped ones.

  • Unique designs: Explore the wide range of different tables from long tables, coffee tables, tables for decoration or even events. There are unique different types of colours, sizes and shapes suited to whatever purpose you need it for.