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White Cross Bar Table Hire – Pink Terrazzo Top

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Tiffany Chair Events

Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia

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Elevate the elegance of your next event with our exquisite White Cross Bar Table, featuring a striking Pink Terrazzo Top. This high bar table presents a perfect blend of style and functionality, ensuring your guests have a sophisticated space to gather, enjoy drinks, or showcase unique decorations. Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this table boasts robust white iron legs that form a cross base, providing excellent stability and adding a modern flair. The table top is adorned with a pink terrazzo finish, which not only enhances the aesthetic appeal but also offers durability and ease of maintenance. This distinctive material brings a splash of colour and texture to any event setting, from chic weddings to corporate gatherings. The dimensions of the table are optimally chosen for versatility and ease of use, measuring 53cm in width, 53cm in depth, and standing tall at 110cm. This height makes it ideal for standing guests, facilitating easy interaction and lending an air of casual sophistication. To complement this stunning bar table, consider pairing it with minimalist high stools or plush sofa lounges to create varying levels of comfort and interaction among your guests. Whether placed indoors or out, it serves as a functional focal point that effortlessly adapts to various themes and décor preferences. This table's sleek design and attractive top make it a must-have item for those looking to create memorable and stylish event spaces. Choose our White Cross Bar Table with Pink Terrazzo Top to add a touch of glamour and functionality to your event furniture collection.


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Wetherill Park, NSW, Australia

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