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Renting UV lights for hire from Gecko goes beyond a transaction – it's an invitation to the ultimate glow party! We're not your typical UV light provider; we're your rave partner, your glow buddy. With Gecko, you get purpose-driven UV magic for your event. Need more reasons to join the UV rave revolution? Here they are:

  • Remote Monitoring for Peace of Mind: Gecko goes the extra mile by offering remote monitoring capabilities for their UV lights. This feature allows you to check the status of the lights and make adjustments remotely, providing peace of mind during the event. If any issues arise, you can address them promptly without the need for constant physical oversight, streamlining the management process.

  • Blacklight Effects for Diverse Applications: Gecko's UV lights are not limited to party atmospheres alone. They can be employed for diverse applications, such as theatrical performances, art installations, and product showcases. The blacklight effects add a unique dimension to various creative endeavors, making Gecko's UV lights a versatile choice for a wide range of events and projects.

  • Lights for All Spaces: Gecko offers UV lights suitable for various spaces, from intimate gatherings to expansive venues. With options ranging from compact, portable units to powerful fixtures for larger areas, Gecko ensures that you can achieve the desired UV effect regardless of your event's size or location.

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