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Hire 12 MIC / 2 STEREO MIXER, hire Audio Mixer, near Alexandria
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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Ideal for small-scale events, band performances, and public speaking setups, the 12 MIC / 2 STEREO MIXER is a robust and highly functional audio mixing solution. It effortlessly combines practicality with top-tier audio performance, making it a favourite among audio technicians and event organisers. This mixer boasts twelve mic inputs, perfect for accommodating multiple vocalists and capturing the full dynamics of a live band or ensemble. Additionally, it features two stereo channels that are ideal for integrating music players, keyboards, or other stereo sources. The design prioritises user-friendliness with clearly labelled channels and intuitive controls which allow for precise adjustments. Each channel is equipped with high-quality faders that provide smooth control over audio levels, ensuring clear and balanced output. For fine-tuning, the mixer includes a three-band EQ on each channel, helping to enhance the audio output and tailor it to different environments and preferences. Furthermore, this mixer is built with durability in mind. Its rugged construction can withstand the rigours of travel and frequent use, making it a reliable choice for events that require a portable, yet sturdy audio mixing solution. Its compact size also means it fits well in various locations, from cramped performance venues to open-air event spaces. Whether it's a corporate function, live concert, or private gathering, the 12 MIC / 2 STEREO MIXER offers the flexibility and quality needed to manage audio requirements smoothly and effectively. Its straightforward layout and comprehensive features ensure that even users with minimal technical background can operate it with ease, thus enhancing the overall quality of your event's sound without the need for extensive sound engineering experience.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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