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Hire Glow Bench / Glow Snake Bench Hire, hire Chairs, near Auburn
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Glow Bench / Glow Snake Bench Hire

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Auburn, NSW, Australia
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Elevate your event's aesthetic with our Glow Bench or Glow Snake Bench Hire, a versatile and eye-catching piece of furniture that promises to add a luminous allure to your gatherings. This innovative seating solution is cherished for its stylish, curvilinear form that is notably flexible, allowing it to be configured into various creative shapes like serpentine lines, circles, or semi-circles, adapting perfectly to the layout and dynamics of any event space. Crafted to comfortably accommodate up to two adults per bench, these unique pieces can be organised standalone or linked together to form extended rows or intimate circular seating arrangements, making them ideal for socialising. The integration of these benches with other glowing furniture elements such as cubes or coffee tables creates a cohesive and inviting neon-themed environment, perfect for everything from birthday celebrations to corporate events. The standout feature of our Glow Bench Hire stems from its colour-changing capabilities, controlled remotely, allowing you to set the mood instantaneously with your choice of mesmerising hues. These benches are equipped with a long-lasting internal battery, ensuring a seamless and cord-free experience throughout the duration of your event, typically up to 6-8 hours. Furthermore, each unit is meticulously prepared with a full charge before your event starts, ensuring it's ready to shine the moment your guests arrive. Lightweight and effortless to handle, our glowing furniture both simplifies the setup and enhances the visual impact of your venue. Whether setting a whimsical, romantic, or dynamic tone, the Glow Bench Hire is sure to be a focal point that will captivate and enchant your guests, making your occasion not just memorable but truly radiant.




March 2023

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