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Hire ROUND DRUM STOOL, hire Chairs, near Carlton
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Carlton, NSW, Australia

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Elevate your events with our exclusive Round Drum Stool, a stylish and versatile piece ideal for any gathering. This innovative stool merges exceptional design with practical functionality, making it a quintessential choice for event planners looking to create a remarkable and inviting atmosphere. Our Round Drum Stool measures 450mm in diameter and 400mm in height. It is constructed from high-quality, durable materials, ensuring it withstands the hustle and bustle of any event, from casual get-togethers to chic soirees. The sleek, minimalist design not only serves as an attractive seating solution but also complements any event decor, from modern minimalist to more traditional settings. Whether placed indoors or outdoors, this stool is designed to handle any environment while maintaining its aesthetic appeal. It is lightweight, making rearrangement effortless and allowing for flexible event layouts that can be adjusted according to your needs. The surface of the stool is smooth and easy to clean, which is essential for maintaining hygiene and appearance throughout the event's duration. One of the key features of our Round Drum Stool is its adaptability to various themes and settings. It can effectively transform from a simple seating tool into a central decor, depending on how it is utilised within the event space. Moreover, its compact dimensions ensure it does not overpower the venue's layout but rather enhances it. To enquire about this unique Round Drum Stool and discuss its availability and rental rates, contact us. It's an excellent choice for those looking to infuse style and originality into their events while ensuring guest comfort. Elevate your gathering with this stylish, functional, and durable seating option.




March 2023

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