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Hire LED Cocktail Table, hire Glow Furniture, near Leichhardt
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LED Cocktail Table



Leichhardt, NSW, Australia

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You're introducing an LED Cocktail Table for events. Here's the key information from your description: - **Included Items:** - LED Cocktail Table with dimensions of 450mm (width) x 450mm (depth) x 1100mm (height). - Remote control. - **Product Description:** - The LED Cocktail Table is illuminated and glow-in-the-dark. - It's battery-operated, making it convenient for various settings. - The table is specifically designed as a Cocktail Table, suitable for parties and functions. - **Functionality:** - The provided remote control allows users to select from multiple colors for the LED illumination. This information effectively presents the dimensions, features, and benefits of the LED Cocktail Table, making it appealing for those seeking a unique and vibrant furniture piece for their events. If there are more details you'd like to share or if you have additional information to provide, feel free to let me know!