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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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Enhance your audio setup with our robust Aluminium Speaker Stand, designed to accommodate a diverse array of audio environments from live music events to corporate presentations. This stand features a generous load capacity of 30kg, allowing it to support a wide range of speakers, from compact models to larger, more powerful units. Crafted from high-quality aluminium, this speaker stand combines lightness and strength, facilitating effortless transport and setup while providing a secure base for your audio equipment. The material's durability ensures long-term usage even in demanding situations, making it an ideal choice for both indoor and outdoor applications. Our stand offers an adjustable height mechanism that extends up to 1.8 metres, making it versatile for different venue sizes and audience setups. This adjustability ensures optimum sound dispersion and enhances the listening experience by positioning the speakers at the ideal level. The easy-to-use locking pins aid in securing the height adjustments swiftly, ensuring stability and safety during use without requiring extensive effort. The tripod base design further enhances stability, distributing the weight evenly and minimising the risk of tipping, which is essential during high-energy events or in busy environments. This thoughtful design feature protects your equipment and audience from potential mishaps. For added convenience, the speaker stand folds down to a compact form, simplifying storage and transport. This feature is particularly beneficial for event planners and audio professionals who require efficient mobility and space management. Aesthetically, the sleek black finish of the aluminium stand provides a professional look that blends seamlessly into any event décor, supporting the overall visual presentation of your setup. Consider integrating our Aluminium Speaker Stand into your equipment roster for a reliable, adaptable, and professional audio solution, perfect for a variety of events and presentations.


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Alexandria, NSW, Australia

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