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The Rode Boompole is an essential tool for location recording, particularly in film, television, and video production. It allows for precise microphone placement and control, enabling audio professionals to capture high-quality sound in various scenarios. Here's an overview of its main features and specifications: **Main Features and Specs**: 1. **High-Grade Aluminum Construction**: The Rode Boompole is constructed from high-grade aluminum, which ensures durability, lightweight design, and resistance to environmental conditions. This makes it suitable for use in different recording environments. 2. **Professional Boom Pole**: The boompole is designed for professional use in location recording. It's an essential tool for capturing audio in scenarios where the microphone needs to be placed close to the sound source, but the microphone or operator must remain out of the camera's frame. 3. **Secure Microphone Mounting**: The boompole features a secure mounting point for attaching your microphone. This allows you to position the microphone at the desired distance and angle from the sound source, ensuring optimal audio capture. 4. **Swivel Capability**: The boompole allows you to swivel the mounted microphone in a range of directions. This flexibility is crucial for tracking sound sources and adjusting microphone placement without having to move the entire boompole. 5. **Telescopic Design**: The boompole has a telescopic design that allows it to extend from 0.84 meters (33 inches) to 3 meters (10 feet). This adjustable length provides versatility, enabling you to reach different heights and distances when recording. The Rode Boompole is an indispensable accessory for capturing clear and professional audio in various recording scenarios. Its lightweight yet robust construction, along with the swivel capability and telescopic design, make it an ideal choice for boom operators and audio professionals who need to capture high-quality sound on location. When selling the Rode Boompole, be sure to emphasize its durable construction, adjustable length, and its role in facilitating precise microphone placement. Providing potential buyers with information about its compatibility with various microphones and its suitability for professional location recording can help them make informed purchasing decisions.


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Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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