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Rode Reporter Handheld Microphone

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Capture crystal-clear audio with ease using the Rode Reporter Handheld Microphone, a robust and versatile tool designed specifically for the dynamic environments of interviews and presentations. This high-quality microphone features an omnidirectional dynamic capsule that allows for freedom of movement and consistent audio capture from all directions, making it ideal for engaging interviews where maintaining eye contact and natural movement is essential. Constructed with a durable die-cast aluminium alloy body, the Rode Reporter is built to withstand the rigours of field use while maintaining a sleek and unobtrusive appearance thanks to its matte black anti-glare finish. Unlike standard microphones, this model integrates a sophisticated multi-layer mesh basket that effectively protects against environmental noise distractions such as wind and handling sounds without the bulkiness of an external wind shield. The microphone’s well-thought-out design emphasises user-friendliness and commitment to quality. The absence of intricate settings allows for straightforward operation—simply plug in and start recording. This feature, alongside its discreet appearance, ensures the microphone does not distract from the speaker during interviews or presentations. Whether for capturing interviews at conferences, recording talks at educational events, or engaging in spirited discussions at panel meetings, the Rode Reporter Handheld Microphone offers unparalleled audio clarity. Its omnidirectional pickup pattern does away with the need for meticulous positioning, thereby accommodating spontaneous interactions and lively discussions. Colour-wise, the microphone sports an aesthetic black colour that seamlessly blends into various settings. Opt for the Rode Reporter Handheld Microphone to ensure your recordings are not only high-quality but also free from unwanted noise and distractions. It's an indispensable tool for professionals who value reliability and exceptional audio fidelity in their recordings.




June 2023

Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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