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Hire Zoom On-Camera Audio Kit Recorder, hire Microphones, near Alexandria
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Zoom On-Camera Audio Kit Recorder

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Designed for filmmakers, podcasters, and audio enthusiasts, the Zoom H4n Pro On-Camera Audio Kit Recorder is a compact and robust audio recording device that combines versatility and professional audio quality. This high-performance recorder fits perfectly on-camera, providing seamless audio capture for a wide range of applications. **Key Features and Specifications**: 1. **Integrated X/Y Stereo Microphones**: Equipped with advanced X/Y stereo microphones, the Zoom H4n Pro captures high-resolution stereo sounds at variable angles of 90° and 120°. This allows for adaptable recording techniques, ideal for capturing dynamic soundscapes in environments ranging from controlled studios to lively outdoor settings. 2. **Four-Track Recording**: This device enables simultaneous four-track recording, a critical feature for professionals who require multichannel audio for complex projects. This capability allows for the capture of multiple audio sources at once, ensuring every detail is recorded with clarity. 3. **High-Fidelity Microphone Preamps**: The Zoom H4n Pro features high-fidelity mic preamps which produce incredibly clear and detailed recordings. These preamps ensure that even the subtlest sounds are captured, making it ideal for nuanced audio production. 4. **Multiple Recording Formats**: The recorder supports various file formats including WAV and MP3, offering flexibility in terms of file size and audio quality depending on your project needs. 5. **Expanded Connectivity**: Apart from its on-camera utility, the device includes inputs for additional microphones and line-level sources, with the ability to handle up to 140 dB SPL. This allows for the use of external mics and other audio sources, expanding its functionality in multi-microphone setups. 6. **Enhanced Portability and Durability**: Its rubberised, ergonomic body makes it durable and comfortable to handle in any recording environment. The portability of the Zoom H4n Pro is enhanced by its compact size, able to fit into a variety of setups without intruding on the scene. 7. **Long Battery Life**: Offering up to 12 hours of continuous recording time, this device is dependable for extended shooting schedules without the need for frequent battery changes. **Included Accessories**: Included in the kit are essential accessories like an SD card, windshield, and a remote control, providing everything needed to start recording high-quality audio right out of the box. The Zoom H4n Pro On-Camera Audio Kit Recorder stands out as a versatile and reliable option for professional grade audio recording, suited for a diverse range of recording settings.




June 2023

Had an amazing experience with Gecko, we hired a bunch of different equipment and the team was incredibly helpful. Will be using them again!

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