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AKG C519M Clip on Condenser Mic

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Elevate the sound quality of your live performances with the AKG C519M Clip-on Condenser Microphone, specifically designed for wind instruments. This highly versatile mic offers exceptional audio capture, making it a perfect choice for professionals seeking pristine sound during concerts and live events. The AKG C519M features a compact design with a miniaturised condenser mic head that attaches securely onto the bell of a trumpet, saxophone, trombone, and other wind instruments. Its robust clip is engineered for rapid, non-invasive installation and holds the microphone steadily in place, ensuring it captures every nuance of your performance without slipping or creating mechanical noise. Tailored for live sound environments, the microphone boasts a cardioid polar pattern. This design focuses the pickup on the sound source directly in front of the microphone while efficiently reducing feedback and background noise, making it ideal for use near loud stage monitors. Durability is key with the C519M, constructed to withstand the demands of frequent use in varied performance settings. The flexible gooseneck allows for precise positioning, granting performers the freedom to adjust the microphone to their unique style of play. Alongside this, the integrated transducer shock mount minimises potential disturbances caused by instrument vibrations or handling noise, resulting in clearer, more focused audio output. Whether you are performing in a jazz club, recording in a studio, or playing at a festival, the AKG C519M Clip-on Condenser Microphone is an outstanding choice for capturing vibrant, high-fidelity sound from your wind instruments.




March 2023

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