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Shure Beta 58A Vocal Microphone

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Perfect for professional singers and speakers who demand top quality from their audio equipment, the Shure Beta 58A Vocal Microphone stands as a premium choice in dynamic vocal microphones. Favoured globally by both touring artists and recording professionals, the Beta 58A features a highly consistent supercardioid pickup pattern. This pattern ensures excellent gain before feedback and rejects unwanted noise from the sides and rear, making it highly effective in live performance settings. The frequency response of this microphone is specifically tailored for vocal use. It offers a brightened midrange with a roll-off in bass frequency to minimise proximity effect, which is the bass boost that occurs when the sound source is very close to the microphone. This tailored response allows for a clean and clear reproduction of lead vocals. Durability is a key component of the Beta 58A's design. It is built to endure the rigours of touring, with a rugged metal construction and a hardened steel mesh grille that is resilient against wear and damage. Additionally, it features an advanced pneumatic shock mount system that drastically reduces the transmission of mechanical noise and vibration, ensuring a cleaner sound output. Internally, the microphone employs a neodymium magnet which contributes to its high signal-to-noise output, allowing for a smooth and articulate vocal representation. This microphone operates effectively regardless of load impedance variations, making it a versatile choice adaptable to various professional situations. In essence, the Shure Beta 58A is not only built to withstand great physical stress but also excels in providing a clear and professional vocal sound, securing its place as a reliable tool for any vocal artist looking to deliver outstanding performances.




March 2023

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