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AKG D770 Instrument Microphone

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Capture the essence of your live sound with the AKG D770 Instrument Microphone, engineered for precision and durability. Ideal for a variety of applications, including brass, woodwinds, and percussion, this dynamic cardioid microphone excels in delivering clear, powerful audio performance. Featuring a high-output neodymium transducer, the D770 ensures a robust sound output with impeccable clarity. Its cardioid polar pattern offers reliable performance, minimizing sound pick-up from unwanted directions – perfect for tight stage setups where space and sound direction are critical. The build quality speaks for professional use, with its rugged construction designed to withstand the rigours of touring and live performances. An efficient internal windscreen battles against popping and wind noises, ensuring your sound is clean even in challenging environments. Uniquely, the D770 utilises a dual-thickness Varimotion diaphragm, enabling the microphone to capture a high-fidelity sound across all frequency ranges. This technology not only enhances sound quality but also contributes to the overall performance reliability during live applications. Protection is paramount with the D770. It includes a shock-absorbing steel wire-mesh inner grill and an equally resilient wire-mesh outer grill. This double-layer protection shields the transducer from potential damage while simultaneously suppressing unwanted pop and breath noises along with sibilance through a special fabric layer beneath the outer grill. The microphone's extended frequency response lightly emphasises the mid and treble ranges, boosting intelligibility and ensuring that every note is articulated clearly. Choose the AKG D770 Instrument Microphone for a top-tier audio experience, tailored to enhance your live performances with unmatched sound clarity and reliability. Whether you're lighting up the stage with brass sounds or rocking out on percussion, the D770 is your partner in achieving sonic brilliance.




March 2023

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