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AKG D550 Kick / Bass Microphone

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Immerse your audience in deep, resonant bass with the AKG D550 Kick / Bass Microphone, a premium choice for any serious sound professional or music enthusiast. Specifically engineered for bass frequencies, this dynamic microphone stands out in amplifying the robust tones of kick drums and bass instruments, ensuring that every beat and strum is powerfully rendered with crystal clarity. The AKG D550 boasts a high-output neodymium transducer designed to handle the vigorous demands of live performances and studio sessions alike. Its sturdy, unidirectional cardioid pickup pattern focuses primarily on sounds coming directly in front, reducing unwanted ambient noise and delivering a tight, focused audio capture. This makes it ideal for onstage setups, where isolating the instrument’s sound from the rest of the band is crucial. Constructed to withstand tough handling, the D550 features an exceptionally rugged design. The microphone’s strong plastic housing and protective wire-mesh grille safeguard the sensitive internal components from physical impacts and other potential damage encountered during vigorous stage activity or transport. Additionally, this design doubles up as an effective means to dampen pop and wind noises, thanks to the outer grille paired with a layer of special fabric beneath it. Another thoughtful design element is the integrated stand adapter, which ensures easy and precise positioning relative to the sound source, allowing for optimal sound capture and projection. This flexibility is particularly valuable in live performance settings and can also significantly enhance studio recording sessions. Whether you are recording in a professional setup or amplifying live for large events, the AKG D550 serves as an indispensable tool for capturing deep, impactful bass sounds with impeccable fidelity. Equip your arsenal with this microphone to ensure every performance is vividly and accurately relayed.




March 2023

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