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AKG D440 instrument Microphone

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Discover superior sound capture with the AKG D440 instrument microphone, expertly engineered for the rigours of live stage performances. This dynamic microphone is your ideal companion for amplifying drums, guitar amps, and wind instruments, thanks to its unidirectional, cardioid pickup pattern. By focusing on sounds directly in front while minimising noise interference from the sides and back, the D440 ensures that every note is crisply and clearly projected. The AKG D440 is constructed with a robust plastic housing and a protective wire-mesh outer grille, making it tough enough to withstand energetic performances and frequent use. Underneath the grille lies a special fabric layer that acts as an efficient windscreen, significantly reducing pop and wind noises, which are common in outdoor or high-motion environments. One of the standout features of this microphone is its patented Varimotion diaphragm, which optimises sound sensitivity and frequency response, delivering a consistent output regardless of the audio frequency. This makes the D440 not only versatile but also reliable across various musical styles and instruments. Ease of use is paramount with the D440, which includes an integrated stand adapter for precise alignment with the instrument being mic'd. Additionally, the included H440 bracket facilitates simple and secure mounting on snares, tom-toms, and other percussion instruments, ensuring stable and adjustable positioning during performances. Whether it's a bustling concert or a private gig, the AKG D440 instrument microphone offers performance you can trust, delivering high-output sound with every note. Built to endure, and engineered to perform, this microphone is an indispensable tool for musicians looking to capture their best sound.




March 2023

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